Nana is a SaaS Starter Kit that includes everything for a maker to get started:

  • Ready-made dashboard template
  • TailwindCSS & FontAwesome
  • Pre-built auth pages using Tailwind
  • Settings pages that allow things like
    • Changing name / surname
    • Changing password
    • Managing subscription details
    • Listing invoices
  • Subscription management using Stripe
    • Including support for SCA payments
    • Price management directly through the Stripe dashboard
  • Docker & Docker Compose support
    • Run the whole project with all the dependencies using a single command
    • Allowing reproducible builds of the product
    • Simplifying the whole flow of adding more developers to the process
    • Simplifying the deployment options
  • Full unit and feature tests for various pages/modules
  • CI/CD Setup that works with the first push
    • Lints the configuration
    • Build the Docker image for the project
    • Runs the tests on every push
    • Deploys to live when the changes are merged to master
  • Kubernetes & Helm support for live deployments
    • Push to deploy directly to any Kubernetes cluster
    • Standardize the deployment process